About Us

Welcome to Gemajesty Jewellery, designers and wholesalers of contemporary modern jewellery sourced from all corners of the world. Our aim is to supply quality handmade artisan pieces in limited production, thus giving retailers a point of difference in your current stock offering.

As a new small business established in February 2017 and based in Sydney, Australia, we want our retailers to know that our pieces are individually picked for their uniqueness and attractiveness, and become statement pieces of indulgence of your customers.

Leading up to the launch of the business, we travelled twice overseas. We were seeking out superior suppliers of jewellery, moving away from traditional precious metals, such as gold and silver and embracing more unusually used metals in our designs, such a brass, copper and bronze. Similarly with the gems, we sought to use semi-precious stones, and even rough cut stones, to allow our retailers of distinction select from different one-of-a-kind pieces that they can display with pride in their stores.

With our next overseas adventures planned, we hope to start collecting jewellery from Brazil, Chile, Peru and the Middle East in 2017-2018. We look forward to sharing our discoveries with our valued and supportive retailers.